What is ingollow? ingollow is a community-driven social discovery travel app focused on changing the dynamics of the local travel industry, better known as "hyper-localization".

Our mission is to create authentic social relationships between the users (locals & travelers) and the businesses in a specific geographic area through social networking and a social commerce enterprise platform. We do this by developing disruptive technologies for both the user and the businesses.

For users, it's all about having fun and finding the right data. ingollow provides a superior social experience by creating a rewarding and enjoyable interactions with locals and other travelers in your specific area. We are all about fun; we are focused on the design and the consumer's experience. ingollow is the perfect app to travel like a local!

For businesses, it is all about having a social presence. We empower small businesses with social adds. ingollow is the perfect platform for businesses to reach their right customers and to reward their loyal customers. We provide businesses instant access to their customers in one platform, rather than them managing separate applications, webpages and services. Bottom line is we increase your business sales!

Want to lead the way in being the go-to local for your area or want to get your business registered? Sign up below and we'll let you know when the beta app is available.